Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Bizness of Shapes

The Bizness of Shapes Yeah I calculate my shapes, or I'd be scraping up my face, That mess up on the blackboard, yeah, one day it will equate my fate! Scribble problems on my wrists, double dripplin' the gist, mathematics rule the rhelm but now im feeling overwhelmed with... steps, the stairs, the problematic story tales, watch me ride the spiral rail, conducting functions for the grail, rolling up my problems, passing clases, getting wired My function says divide you up and minus all you liars You wanna multiply me but my fractions ain't your style, So I count my blessings, desecrate the limits till im tired To me all shapes are puzzles causin' trouble need to cuddle but the rhombus wants to bomb us thinkin diamonds kinda pompuous! Even odd solutions in the back of the bus... those greek and latin figures really started something up! I pass the pi to sally, keep a piece then raise the power, rolling dice in circles scribing rhymes and drawing flowers, My calculator's brain spills on paper like its rain, so I phone up the big apple ring a genious in the range The status of the sun says the equations never done cause the value of your name a factor frequency can stun! The limit of Amanda infinitely reaches madness Plotting by my stats exact inverse analysis Angles cute and wide are geometrical invaders, im walking the hypotenuse and yall will get their later something algebraic kinda magic possibly the prisms and pyramids are made of shapes which are extreme degrees betweeem this average square you might find an emcee connecting vectors radically, givin' my brain a little freeze If you try to wreck a triangle you'll get tangled completely I mean that one right theres the sharpest corner block in all the city if you seek divinity its mathematics cant you see I mean how else are you gonna get what mother nature meant to mean?

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