Saturday, July 27, 2013

School of Tools

School of Tools I'm a brainiac, in fact I'm highest in the class I schooled the teacher equals I be skippin passt ya I learn fools at the school of biz and write the rules Wipe Degrees from your face shock me with a Joules Instill in the pupils fuel more valuable than rupels Dialate for class? Discipline a flash Dance Instrumental tools of virtue all truths lessoning the scruples For better future we say pass on what is futile Time to recessitate the youth for His approval Classes high on scores, my essey, Tido, could do more cause hes A C T away, buses short-staffed, Of course The principals a fun da mentally challengentlemen Detention shunned by rule of thumb, the other eight the apple core handed in your dog cause you thought assignment more rough Embarking up the tree of knowledge Grow a Stumpasore Epistemilogy-whizz upon the classroom floor We noses up the smarties used to pixiestick whiteboards Lines of Dickinson, we read, better heads than before Smily face stickers on the papers for rewards For Amanda hides the formaldehyde, anatomy a time to ride Girls and guys are given Pi in faces that are value-size Demise of economics cake batter in your eyes Get a whooping cough if you dare to drop behind Cushin bowls of Chronic nicooteeny tiny Tim be on it Smokin from his fam than there's Samurais in Japan I teach how to grow supplywooden board screw and damn Demonstrate shot a man down tryna reprimand Cram the night before or quick lets smoke out my van Study was, hunky dory now he understand Poking Sally in the back He be ready I exam

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