Saturday, July 27, 2013

School of Tools

School of Tools I'm a brainiac, in fact I'm highest in the class I schooled the teacher equals I be skippin passt ya I learn fools at the school of biz and write the rules Wipe Degrees from your face shock me with a Joules Instill in the pupils fuel more valuable than rupels Dialate for class? Discipline a flash Dance Instrumental tools of virtue all truths lessoning the scruples For better future we say pass on what is futile Time to recessitate the youth for His approval Classes high on scores, my essey, Tido, could do more cause hes A C T away, buses short-staffed, Of course The principals a fun da mentally challengentlemen Detention shunned by rule of thumb, the other eight the apple core handed in your dog cause you thought assignment more rough Embarking up the tree of knowledge Grow a Stumpasore Epistemilogy-whizz upon the classroom floor We noses up the smarties used to pixiestick whiteboards Lines of Dickinson, we read, better heads than before Smily face stickers on the papers for rewards For Amanda hides the formaldehyde, anatomy a time to ride Girls and guys are given Pi in faces that are value-size Demise of economics cake batter in your eyes Get a whooping cough if you dare to drop behind Cushin bowls of Chronic nicooteeny tiny Tim be on it Smokin from his fam than there's Samurais in Japan I teach how to grow supplywooden board screw and damn Demonstrate shot a man down tryna reprimand Cram the night before or quick lets smoke out my van Study was, hunky dory now he understand Poking Sally in the back He be ready I exam

The Bizness of Shapes

The Bizness of Shapes Yeah I calculate my shapes, or I'd be scraping up my face, That mess up on the blackboard, yeah, one day it will equate my fate! Scribble problems on my wrists, double dripplin' the gist, mathematics rule the rhelm but now im feeling overwhelmed with... steps, the stairs, the problematic story tales, watch me ride the spiral rail, conducting functions for the grail, rolling up my problems, passing clases, getting wired My function says divide you up and minus all you liars You wanna multiply me but my fractions ain't your style, So I count my blessings, desecrate the limits till im tired To me all shapes are puzzles causin' trouble need to cuddle but the rhombus wants to bomb us thinkin diamonds kinda pompuous! Even odd solutions in the back of the bus... those greek and latin figures really started something up! I pass the pi to sally, keep a piece then raise the power, rolling dice in circles scribing rhymes and drawing flowers, My calculator's brain spills on paper like its rain, so I phone up the big apple ring a genious in the range The status of the sun says the equations never done cause the value of your name a factor frequency can stun! The limit of Amanda infinitely reaches madness Plotting by my stats exact inverse analysis Angles cute and wide are geometrical invaders, im walking the hypotenuse and yall will get their later something algebraic kinda magic possibly the prisms and pyramids are made of shapes which are extreme degrees betweeem this average square you might find an emcee connecting vectors radically, givin' my brain a little freeze If you try to wreck a triangle you'll get tangled completely I mean that one right theres the sharpest corner block in all the city if you seek divinity its mathematics cant you see I mean how else are you gonna get what mother nature meant to mean?

Lyrics to: 0% Finance - GZA ***PROPS

0% Finance - GZA Took her off the showroom floor no money down Near the Chrysler buildin' in the heart of Midtown Two hundred horse-power under the hood Junk in the trunk very far from damaged goods Designer frames with windshields that stay tinted The most beautiful thing someone invented Her wrangler had a sticker on the bumper A sign in case tow trucks tried to dump her Rear view mirror that of Serena William Starin' was a crime then the look,kill 'em Brush less showers and the Brazilian wax Cash in the glove compartment free from tax Low mileage on the odometer Graduate with more degrees than a thermometer Spark plugs for great conversation She would focus on the finish line and destination Steerin' in the right direction Made sure I wore seat belts,had air bags for protection In her tank she loved to stash my tool I kept her full,super-unleaded fuel She had a room full of skirts and rims The old ones used to swing off ropes that often hung from limbs A temp at the Ford modeling agency Suburban area where the Caucasians be Her great-grandfather was a Cherokee Indian Explorer and navigator travelin' then begin Sharpenin' his arrows on Plymouth Rock Commander-in-chief who raise cattle on the sellin' of livestock King of the frontier,rider of thoroughbreds He was just as sharp as a needle without thread Legend in truth but known to run the herd His sons were olds mobiles who drank thunderbird Land cruisers sittin' on fertile soil With equipment that ran off expensive oil Folks braggin' said the horse pulled a Volkswagen They love Mustang Sally and lollygaggin' Fished in Lake Tahoe,cooked the barracudas Hunted impalas with the six-shooters From a long range with the dog Rover It was something else to see 'em knock them over Some got caught in the crossfire Bunch of rabbits indicatin' these dudes should retire One was going bald rockin' a sunroof A gas guzzler and his grill was one tooth A strong accent,and a beard like Lincoln Who hated the golf course,but he loved drinkin' Avenger,used to pick up chicks Had magnums that were ram tough but thick He wore blazers where he used to hide the Ruger For encounters with the jaguars and cougars A veteran who could salute and sing the anthem In accord with the plan he was the phantom He had a fat lady,they called hummer And um,she needed body work the whole summer She had a few friends who used to stay in a pound Abandoned the parkin' lots,and junk yard bound Regulars in rest areas and truck stops Cassette players,known to make the tape pop Gold diggers who on the cream like Wells Fargo In Vegas,they circle around the Monte Carlo You know the snakes with the fangs and vipers Bloodsuckers who [Incomprehensible] juice then piss from diapers Met the Cavaliers at the Outback steakhouse Chicken cutlets supreme just for takeout One of them was forced to live in Astoria 'Cause at the auction,they had crowned Victoria Since then her friends charged her battery Had her runnin' off with the sweets of flattery She kept a loud muffler,couldn't trust her Police used to always pull over this duster A pothead who some called a fire bird A foul mouth,who could have used wiser words Her man used to hustle and ran a crack corner So insecure he kept Lojack on her Creepin' with his visors low,high-beamin' Temper would accelerate,private eye schemin' He would check her consoles for rubbers She would pass the inspection with flyin' colors She would turn left if he said right On her cycle,he would often run red lights His voiced echoed as she dodged the convo Pro tools Her previous owner,all he did was bone her Some drove her crazy,she was just a loner He had her leakin' transmission fluids Said it was an accident,didn't mean to do it No insurance with her grill decayed She sobbed uncontrollably,still stayed Another total eclipse so the heart Like the freezin' weather that never gave her a start Plus he had a sidekick in his garage If he needed a boost,she would give him a charge He was sentenced for runnin' an escort service Escaped from prison but made a few nervous His baby mother [Incomprehensible] BMW Number one on the list,so he brought trouble to She done everythin' to gain her liberty Tried to be outty,but went into delivery Moved to Aspen,survived a avalanche A different element,inside a fatter ranch Far away,when she changed the pattern The distance was like from Mercury to Saturn at Saturday, December 08, 2012